Our Clients Say it For Us


If you’re serious, we’d be happy to introduce you to our current or past clients.

“If there is a mediocre architect with lots going on and everything is rushed, then not many contractors can handle it. That’s where St. Paul Construction Company shines. They can handle pressure very well.” - Facility Manager

“Anybody can have a problem. Anybody can make a mistake and have something go wrong, but it’s what you do about it that counts. I like it when a contractor takes care of everything, without a squeal. St. Paul Construction Company is a firm with integrity. They’ll stand by the issues, work with it and get results.”- Facility Manager

“What’s most important to me is communication. I never want a call from a tenant who says, ‘I haven’t seen anybody for three days, and we’re supposed to be moving in Friday.’ That doesn’t happen with St. Paul Construction Company. They make certain I’m aware of what’s going on. They do that better than anyone.”- Building Manager

“With St. Paul Construction Company I feel like I’m a big fish in a small pond. I’m not lost in the shuffle. I can make one phone call and get my questions answered. They’re not so big that I have to navigate who does what.”- Facility Manager

“St. Paul Construction Company takes the budget very seriously. We have always been on budget with them. They also have a good vision of timing. And I can count on them. With St. Paul Construction Company, I don’t have to worry about somebody not showing up or not responding.”- Facility Manager

“The best thing a contractor can do is to show me how to make the tenant happy while saving me money. If they can look at a plan and say ‘If we do it this way, we can shave $2000 off this project’ — that’s what I want to hear. Give me that kind of thinking all day long. That’s what I get from St. Paul Construction Company.”- Building Manager